Board of Directors



Lisa-Joy Facey



Abba Stevens


Director of Health and Social Issues

​Siona Koker


Director of Communications:



Immedient Past President



Chris Kean


Director of Youth & Education

​Icilda Elliston



Claudette Rutherford


Assistant Secretary & Treasurer:

Elvis DeYonge


Director of Events

Vernal Brown

Need to Contact a Board Member?

All of our board members can be contacted via the MACCA office phone at (905) 946-9998 or email us at [email protected]. To get in touch with a specific board member, please address the email with their name. Alternatively, you can email them directly at the email addresses listed above.

Join Us! Become a Volunteer or Member

The Markham African Caribbean Canadian Association is looking for dedicated volunteers who are committed to using their skills and areas of expertise to help their community. If you have experience in leadership, treasury, communications or health and social issues, email us your resume and personal profile to [email protected].